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January Meeting Minutes

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Victory Riders Calgary

Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2019

Prez Kelly in the Chair, VP DrifterDon by his side. Treasurer James nearby

Thirteen members in attendance, including some new faces.


James reported on our current bank balance and also offered club patches for sale. Three members

bought the large/small combo for $50 a set. DrifterDon reporter he is getting quotes for a VRC challenge

coin. The money that the Club makes on items like the patches and events like the Spring Tune Up go

into Club general revenue and replace the members having to pay dues.

Two Wheel Sunday

DrifterDon reported that Victory Riders Calgary will again be doing the Show & Shine at Two Wheel

Sunday on June 2. This year we will be sharing the duties with the Calgary Indian Riders group (IMRG

1908). He and James will be meeting with IMRG to work out duties and responsibilities.

Spring Tune Up

The Club is still looking for a suitable location for the Spring Tune Up event. The Club works with a

certified instructor who puts members and guests through a series of usually low-speed manoeuvres

designed to knock some of the winter rust off the rider and give him or her more confidence leading into

the riding season. A barrier-free paved area of at least an acre is ideal for the event. The club arranges

the insurance and participants pay a small fee that covers the instructor and insurance. Any profit goes

to general revenue. The club is looking at mid-June as a potential date. We can use out presence at Two

Wheel Sunday to recruit riders. Several members said they knew of potential locations and would look

into availability. The Club needs a free location to make any money on the event.

Meeting Change

Prez Kelly put forward a motion that the Club change its meeting schedule for the riding season. Instead

of Thursday evening meetings, the club would meet on a weekend morning for breakfast and then ride

afterward. The 10 a.m. breakfast meetings would be short and informal with rotating locations. The club

would still have four evening business meetings per year at the call of the chair. The motion made by Ed

and seconded by James passed unanimously. The first breakfast meeting may be the April meeting,

weather permitting.

New Executive Positions


Because the Club would benefit from an expanded executive, three new people were added to the

executive. Karen will take over as Recording Secretary and Tony and Woodie will become Road Captains.

The motion made by DrifterDon and seconded by Woodie was passed with one no vote.

Rides and Events

Veep DDon circulated a list of rides and events for the 2019 riding season. The events are also on the

Rides & Events Calendar on the Club website – Members are invited to

add events that the Club might be interested in.

Victory Ride In

Woodie told the group he was organizing a one-day Victory ride-in event for some time in the summer

at Drumheller. This would be for all Alberta Victory riders and their friends. Options include a barbecue

at Woodie’s RV site just south of Drumheller or piggybacking on Drumheller’s or Wayne’s bike events or

those at Top Rocker in Rosedale. Woodie and DrifterDon will continue developing the idea and choosing

a date. Jeremy at Hoodoo Voodoo bike shop in Drum is supporting the event.

Next meeting

Next Meeting is February 21, watch the website or the Facebook page for details.

October Meeting

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Victory Riders Calgary

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Cycle Works Calgary

7 pm sharp.

Bring your summer riding stories and ideas for next year's rides and events.

Following the meeting, we can adjourn to Mug Shotz for bike talk.

June Meeting

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June Meeting

June 21 is the first day of Summer, so we're planning a riding meeting.

Meet at Cycle Works Calgary at 6:30 pm for a short business meeting, then kickstands up at 7 for a ride.

Patches will be available at the meeting. $12 each or two for $20.

Club Patches

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You asked and we have delivered. Victory Riders Calgary club patches are now available. The 4" version in black and white are available now; $12 each or two for $20. If there is enough interest we will have 10" back patches made with the Victory V in Vic red.

Prez Kelly will have the patches at the club start for the Ride for Dad on Saturday morning at 8:30 am at Cycle Works Calgary, and they will be at the club meeting at Cycle Works June 21 at 6:30 pm in the Cycle Works Calgary parking lot. This is a riding meeting, but there will be a short business meeting (and time to buy patches) before we head out.

If you miss both of those events, contact any member of the executive and we'll make it happen.

Minutes - April 19, 2018, Meeting

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Victory Riders Calgary


April 19, 2018, Meeting

President Kelly in the chair.

20 members and guests present.

Because most of the meeting time was set aside for the First Aid Information Session, President Kelly ran through an abbreviated agenda.

Tune Up Ride

The Spring Tune Up Ride (parking lot, slow manoeuvring around cones) is set for for Mother’s Day (May 13.) Jim Perry, the instructor is back from vacation and anxious to do the session. VP Drifter will get the word out on the event as soon as the site and insurance are confirmed.

Two Wheel Sunday

James said extra help would be needed to put on the club-sponsored Show & Shine at Two Wheel Sunday (June 3) this year. Volunteers are needed to work with James to collect prizes, locate the trophies, organize bikes on site, hand out ballots and collect and count ballots. He and Drifter did a site walk through on March 24 and a great site for the Show & Shine has been chosen.

Volunteers are needed for all aspects of the club’s participation in Two Wheel Sunday. The Show & Shine committee will organize a sign up sheet for members.

Drifter was asked to do posters to promote the Show & Shine.

Next Meeting

Next meeting is May 17 at Cycle Works Calgary. The meeting will be at 7 pm sharp.


Member Profiles

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I encourage all members to update their profiles and post photos.

If you have been having trouble setting up or updating your member profile, you need to have Flash enabled in your internet browser to do so.

If you have Google Chrome, I can walk you through this. Other browsers you're better off with someone who actually knows what they're doing.

Drifter Don 

Spring Tune Up Attendees

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1. Jo Bird

2. John Kastelik

3. Doug Singerman

4. Karen Legault (both sessions)

5. Tony Legault (both sessions)

6. Terry McConaghy

7. Pat Collins

8. Shayne Legault (both sessions)

9. Dennis Nemes (both sessions)

10. Rick Paolini

11.Dennis McGrath

12. Jason Guilbault

13.Steve Worthington

14. Liza Worthington

15. Del Banack

16. Bruce Toner

17. Ken Walls

18.Adrian Jemmet

19.Roman Auriti


First Aid Session Attendees

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1. Ronny

2. James Hamling

3. Kelly Cowan

4. DrifterDon

5. Jo Bird.

6. Tony Legault

7. Karen Legault

8. Ed G.

9. Whisper

10. Dennis

11. Ken Walls

12. Don Darker

13. Craig Gallow

14. Allison Parsons

15. Jeremy Ray

16. Adrian

17. George N.

18. Arlene Mark

19. Lloyd Mark

20. Tracey

First Aid Information Session

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If your riding buddy goes down, do you know what to do?


Calgary Victory Riders is hosting an information session on


What To Do Until the Paramedics Arrive


Michael Holley, certified first aid trainer for Rockyview County, will talk about:


• When someone comes off a bike!


• First Aid - Better to do something rather than nothing.


• What are your legal responsibilities?


• What CAN you do?


• What CAN’T you do?


• 911 can be your friend.


• Be prepared. Get training. Why?


• Questions?


This is an information session, not a training course; but it will deal with that “what do I do now?” feeling at an accident scene.


Thursday, April 19, 7 pm sharp (Club business meeting is at 6:30 pm).


Cycle Works Calgary


4127 6 St NE


Cost is $10 per person.


Seating is limited to 20, so RSVP now to or message us on our FACEBOOK site. ( Club members get priority.

March 2018 Minutes

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Victory Riders Calgary


March 22, 2018 Meeting


President Kelly in the chair.

9 members present.

New Members

Alex, who has been following us on Facebook, showed up at the meeting as a new member.

Tune Up Ride

Past Prez Ronny said the Spring Tune Up Ride (parking lot, slow manoeuvring around cones) is tentative for Mother’s Day (May 13.) We have approval to use the property again and insurance coverage is being arranged for both May 12 and 13. Course details and additional sessions will be confirmed with the instructor when he gets back from vacation.

First Aid

The April Meeting – April 19 – has been set for the First Aid information session. An expert has been approached who will give us a crash course in emergency road side first aid (what to do until the EMTs arrive.) Space is limited, so after the spots have been offered to club members, if there is still space, we invite the Indian Riders and perhaps others as well.

Two Wheel Sunday

James said extra help would be needed to put on the club-sponsored Show & Shine at Two Wheel Sunday (June 3) this year. Volunteers are needed to work with James to collect prizes, locate the trophies, organize bikes on site, hand out ballots and collect and count ballots. A site walk through is planned for March 24 with James and DrifterDon selecting a site for the Show & Shine.

Cannonball Run

Dates and options for this year’s Cannonball Run are posted on the Rides & Events section of the club website –

Garage Sale

Dates for the Garage Sale were discussed with June looking like the most viable time; exact date to be confirmed. James will confirm this with Cycle Works. Kelly said he would look after organizing a hamburger barbecue at the event.


The club had a freewheeling discussion on overnight rides with Kalispell Montana and Kaslo/Nakusp as possible destinations. Dates will be firmed up at the upcoming meetings.

Next Meeting

Next meeting is April 19 at Cycle Works Calgary. The meeting will be at 6:30 sharp with the First Aid Information Session scheduled for 7 pm.