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Meeting Minutes - November 28, 2019

Posted by Karen on December 3, 2019 at 2:20 AM

Victory Riders Calgary

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Prez Kelly called the meeting to order and immediately announced his resignation. He stated that he has enjoyed the past two years as President and thanked the folks that helped out in his absences due to his work needing his focus.

15 members and 1 guest were present. Introductions were made around the table – Prez Kelly, Ken, Ride Captain Woodie, Lloyd, Marilyn, Ed, Past Prez Ron, John, Treasurer James, George, Mike, Larry, Wes, Ride Captain Tony, Secretary Karen and Vice-Prez Drifter Don.

Patches and Coins

Drifter Don reported that the Challenge Coin sales have been brisk. The first order of 50 sold quickly @ $15 each for club members and $20 for non-members. He placed another order and was given a great discount – we received 100 more coins for just $6 more than our original order of 50.

Small Club patches are available from James for $12. We have about a dozen left. The large patches have sold out at $40 each. There may be some interest to do a run of large patches – the minimum order is 10. There could be interest in a black one (instead of the red accent). Drifter will put it out to the members via Facebook to see if there is any interest.

Treasurer’s Report

James reported that our bank balance is approximately $1,400

Club Get Together Dates

Karen asked if anyone was interested in hosting a winter garage get together. Kelly offered to host a breakfast meeting prior to a ride in the summer.

Drifter suggested having a Christmas Social. Wednesday, December 18 was agreed for the date. Various suggestions were made for a venue instead of our standard Mug Shotz including Stavros in the NW, Stockmen’s @ Dunbow Road, Toad N Turtle in the NE and Scotchman’s @ Creekside. Members were encouraged let Drifter know of other locations that would be good for our group.

Spring Tune Up

Ron reported that instructor Jim Perry is willing to do the sessions again – he just needs date confirmation. There will be six time slots: Our club, Blue Knights, Inferno M/C, Women Only, and two other sessions.


In past years, we have held the riding clinic on the Mother’s Day weekend. We may have better attendance and weather if we pick a date later in the month. All agreed that the location at Calgary Stampede was excellent. James will talk to his contact there to see if May 23-24 is available from 8 am to 6 pm. It was noted that when the scheduling is planned, more time needs to be allowed for in between the sessions.


Kelly opened nominations for President.

Tony nominated Drifter Don. Larry seconded. Drifter Don accepted. There were no other nominations for President. Drifter was unanimously voted in as our new President.

Kelly opened nominations for Vice-President.

Larry nominated Tony. Ken seconded. Tony accepted. There were no other nominations for Vice-President. 14 members were in favour and 1 opposed. Tony is our new Vice-President.

Tony stepped down as Ride Captain. Woodie agreed to continue as Ride Captain.

James stated that it will be important for the new VP to learn the many tasks that Drifter has been capably handling in order to share the work load.

Two Wheel Sunday

There was a lively discussion as to the role that Victory Riders Calgary should take at Two Wheel Sunday. Last year we assisted the IMRG Calgary club in organizing the Show n Shine. James asked if the club would like to continue to partner with IMRG.

Drifter proposed that our club do a display of as many Victory models as we can. Larry said that we would need to purchase display space which is $50 per site. We might want to purchase two sites because that would give some extra room in between.

Tony made a motion that our club opt out of being involved in the Show N Shine. Seconded by Drifter. Discussion regarding the future of the Show N Shine and the involvement of the IMRG. Carried.

Tony made a motion that our club purchase up to two display spaces at Two Wheel Sunday for a Victory Motorcycle display. Seconded by Woodie. Carried.

Drifter moved that we support any activity that the IMRG does at 2 Wheel Sunday. Woodie seconded. Discussion as to where we should put our club involvement. Drifter modified his motion to state that we let IMRG Calgary know that we are available to help them and will volunteer as individuals at their request. Carried.

Two Wheel Sunday will have a booth at The Calgary Motorcycle Show January 10-12. Volunteers are needed and passes are provided for working a 2-3 hour shift. If you are interested, let Drifter know.

Club Fundraising Auction

Drifter attended the Cycle Works open house and Tracey had found some Victory items to donate to the club. This initiated some other items being donated and an auction was held:

Paradise Hill Farm tomatoes – 5 bags sold for $5 each

Tony and Karen donated a heated vest – Sold for $60

Victory Hat - $20

Sky Fire Industries steel frame item - $60

Victory glasses - $96

Victory Mugs - $80

Ladies T shirt - $20

Tie Down Straps - $20

Woodie donated a pair of fork covers made by Kevin Muncie - $120

Total of $501 raised which will keep our club dues free for another year.


Drifter made a motion to thank Kelly for his 2 years of service. Woodie seconded. Unanimously carried and clapped for.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm


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