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Hello everyone. I am a new member just joined on September 12/17. I have a 2010 Victory Cross Country, midnight Cherry color, with the forged highway bars. I currently have stock exhaust with holes drilled around the tailpipe, not by me. I also have the stock exhaust seperate. I am looking for a better sound from the bike, and the performance for me is good, so sound for now is my main importance. I was looking at some slip on mufflers and was wondering what everyone's opinions are with just installing the slipons for now, not mapping the card, and doing that later when I get a Lloyds airfilter and mapping it then. 

Any opinions on that? or opinions on what the best slipons are to your taste. Also would like to get together with some people for a ride on the weekends if possible, even though the weather at this time has taken a turn for the worst.



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I have the Tri-Ovals on my '15 Magnum and love them. Rich throaty rumble but not obnoxiously loud. I got the stage 1 kit when I bought it so they did the air cleaner and flashed the ECM, but I haven't done anything as far as injection mapping.

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